Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Looking For Grace

Over the last month, and for the next two weeks, we've been considering the way people look at the church. We've tried to be honest about some of the fails, while pointing to some solutions.

We've discussed Church and Politics, Church and Religion, Church and Isolationism. This Sunday we'll consider Church and Disingenuous Faith. And we're going to stretch the series one more week into November to take a look at Church and Corporate Culture.

I consider this series to be a stamp on us at Grace. I'm praying we come away from this month with a clear awareness of attitudes and positions we want to avoid. I also pray that we can establish a clear picture of what we want to pursue.

We want to pursue God, love Jesus, and surrender to the Holy Spirit. We can all agree with that, and use that as a starting place.

How that works out in us is a matter of grace. More than ever, and with a renewed sense of purpose, calling, and destiny, I believe God desires that we live out the nature of outrageous, amazing, shocking grace. Grace in action, not just grace on a sign or in a song. Grace with feet on. Grace that works. Graceability.

We've been encouraging that individually. How can we do it as a church? Is it possible that people would know us for our reputation as a people of grace - a people who live it out? What are some ideas you have about how GCF could power-up the Graceability factor? What are some specific, legitimate areas where GCF could do some Graceabiltiy strength-training, toning and growing our grace muscles?

Give us your ideas!