Monday, November 12, 2007

Taking Jesus on Faith

I hope you're having a good week.

Sunday's message challenged what we think about faith. We examined the "faith-sandwich" in Mark 5, where Jairus' journey with Jesus to heal his dying daughter is interrupted by a woman who sneaks up to Jesus in order to touch his robe and be healed herself. There are some interesting contrasts between these two people:

  • Jairus boldly cries out to Jesus to come to his house...The woman sneaks to Jesus without him knowing.

  • Jairus stares down significant obstacles but still believes Jesus...The woman is scared beyond belief and embarrassed at her need.

  • Jairus is bold enough to believe that Jesus would follow him to his house...The woman is timid enough to believe that if Jesus knew she was asking for help, he would deny it.

  • Jairus knows that Jesus must touch his daughter. (Interesting that he doesn't just ask Jesus for his coat!)...The woman believes that Jesus' coat has power enough to take care of her. (Very shaky theology).

Yet, who is the one whom Jesus commends for their faith?

Remember, faith has very little to do with the one who has it; It has everything to do with where it is put.

Where is your faith?

Next Sunday: smoked salmon and whole wheat--Jesus teaches his disciples a lesson in hospitality.

Grace to you,

Pastor Ron

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