Monday, March 9, 2009

What the LT Is Reading

The Leadership Team (Doug, Arnel, Marty, Troy, and Ron) is currently reading a book by Dan Kimball (pastor of Vintage Faith Church) called "They Like Jesus But Not The Church." So far the book has stimulated insightful discussion among the group. If you'd like to read along, get a copy (call Brian and Betty at Living Water to order). We're reading chapters 2-3 for our next meeting.

Here's the Wikipedia stuff for Dan Kimball:
[Gotta love the hair!]

If you pick up the book and read along with us, be sure and tell us about what you're thinking. Use the blog, or email me, or jot a note on the InfoCard (that yellow, cult-like instrument of conspiratorial data-gathering found stuffed in your bulletin every week and collected by a guy codenamed Jerry).

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