Thursday, April 30, 2009

This Is What We Should Do

Every once in a while I encounter something I think THE CHURCH should be doing. Most of the time, it's not THE CHURCH doing it. When I first watched "Extreme Makeover, Home Edition" I immediately said, as I was crying, "This is what THE CHURCH should be doing!" When heard about Ashton Kutcher, Twitter, and the UN Foundation's Nothing but Net Campagin raising funds for the purchase and distribution of mosquito nets to refugees in Africa, I said, "Why isn't THE CHURCH doing this?"

Today I saw this video. And I asked the question again. What do you think?


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Anonymous said...

Pastor , I agree, we need a make over...go to Saginaw and look around and see the need for Christ. We do not have to go to a third world country to help with a "make over" we need to start in our backyard, next door neighbor, or someone you know needs help. It is not easy putting yourself out there because getting involved takes risks. Let's start taking some risks with our church! Get involved with people.(Don;t they have spell check on these blogs)?