Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fun in the Gray Zone!

So, the pastor takes $20 out of the offering and on his way home buys lottery tickets and a Slurpie. The Slurpie did not come out of the $20. The next day he learns he's hit the current jackpot, $250,000. Should the church:
  1. Fire the pastor.
  2. Reprimand the pastor and refuse the money.
  3. Reprimand the pastor and give the money away.
  4. Reprimand the pastor and pay off the mortgage.
  5. Pay off the mortgage and give the pastor a raise.
  6. Other:
What'dya think?


Jon Mills said...

A better question is what should the pastor do with the money?

Keep all the money and say nothing?

Give a tithe on the earnings and say nothing?

Return the $20.00 and keep the rest?

Return all the money and beg for mercy?

Tell the church "God told me to invest $20 so bug off."

Another good question is, why did the church allow the pastor access to the money in the first place?

My answer to your question though is for the church to say "go and sin no more". Make sure the pastor doesn't handle money in the future, place all the money in the church bank account, and forgive the pastor and move on; no raises though.

Sandy S said...

Kevin wants to know what kind of Slurpee it was.

Ron Benson said...

Or buy out 7 Eleven and have all the Slurpies you want! Great response, Jon.

Ron Benson said...

Kevin - It was Pina Colada, of course. All the spiritual people drink it.

Anonymous said...

Give back the $20 bucks and buy slurpees for the whole congregation.

Anonymous said...

Assuming the church knew that the ticket was going to be purchased, I say the pastor gets a raise and the bills are paid off. If the gray area that we're playing in deals with lottery and the church has deemed it gray and we're willing to lose the $20.00 (and can afford to lose the $20.00) then why is this a problem? If the church doesn't know... well then maybe there's an issue of trust and honesty - even if it yeilds a winner - but gambling/lottery is not the issue - trust and honesty are - so we fire the pastor and pay off the bills but give him a sweet severance.... and maybe a pina colada slurpee as a parting gift. Tricia

Ron Benson said...

Tricia: Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Pastor - what does Hmmmmmmmmmm mean? Or are you still thinking? T.

Ron Benson said...

HMMMMMM in this case means: "You've put a lot on the plate to consider and I'm going on vacation."

Gabriel said...

Are you trying to tell us something, Pastor Ron? lol.

char said...

What Island?

Ron Benson said...

Had to be there, Char.