Monday, April 18, 2011

The Lazarus Experiment

Sunday's almost here, and we're getting ready to start.

Last year we began to think through how Lazarus would have felt about life after being brought back to life by Jesus. What would he have done differently? How would he see each new day? What kinds of changes would he have made?

Lazarus represents the new life that is found in Jesus Christ because of resurrection. If we've put our trust in Jesus, we have the same kind of new life Lazarus had. Sometimes we don't live like it.

So, The Lazarus Experiment is a challenge to live life with the joy, the boldness, the courage, the perspective, the reality of newness. If you are up to the challenge, choose one thing to do each day that reflects the kind of living Lazarus would have done after coming out of the tomb.

For some context and ideas, read this article about last year's experiment in Plain Truth Magazine.

We'll be sharing our ideas, feelings, reflections, and insights here, and on Facebook. Look for us there in Groups under The Lazarus Experiment. Join us at Grace Christian Fellowship for face-to-face interaction each Sunday.

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