Sunday, February 10, 2008

Facing the Opposition

On the way out of the building today someone asked the insightful question: So what are we supposed to do about Satan?

Always a good question, based on the evidence. He's always going to try to derail God's work, and he does not want God's plans in us to succeed. So what are we supposed to do?

The answer is alarmingly simple, but not easy.

Imagine walking through a dangerous jungle. Alone, you are vulnerable and open to attack. But if you take someone with you, you might be able to avoid harm. If you are accompanied by a guide who knows the jungle thoroughly, you're even better protected. If you're walking alongside someone who created the jungle, knows every path, every beast, every detail, and has the power over every circumstance you will ever face in the jungle, you can be quite confident and assured of safety. And if that's the case, it just makes sense to stay as close to that person as you possibly can.

So it is with Jesus. We could try to turn around and battle the enemy on our own, but that's not always going to work. Instead, it makes sense to stay as close as we can to Jesus, who has already been victorious over Satan, and trust in the safety of his love and power.

How has Satan caused discouragement in your life? How have you been able to deal with it?

Next Sunday, we'll be looking at Ezra 6: "The Ezra Method."

Enjoy your week.

Pastor Ron

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durgs101 said...

Pastor Ron,

Something you said Sunday has had my wheels turning. You mentioned that Satan is sneaky and works on you when you least expect it. Like when you seem to be having a bad day.............on the way to Church. I am thankful for your message, it helps to remind me that even when I least expect it I need to be ready to fend of Satan's attacks no matter how subtle they may be and to stand close to Jesus because he holds the flashlight on the darkened path.

God Bless