Sunday, February 17, 2008

Grace upon Grace

This morning as we got ready to hit the ice for church, Jon asked me, "What're you preaching about, Dad?"

"Grace," I said.

"I should have guessed! That's kind of your 'theme' isn't it? Grace?"

Oh yeah. That it is.

Here's one to talk about. If you come up with answers, please let me know.

Mankind was made to live best -- to thrive -- in an environment of grace. But because of The Fall, we would much rather dig out of our situation ourselves. God has never abandoned his original plans, and has provided a way, through the sacrifice of his own son, to provide the grace environment for us again.

As applies to church life, how can we create an environment of grace in which people can thrive? Can we? Have you ever been in a place of grace? Have you ever been in a church that provided that environment? How did it work?

Next week at GCF: We'll open up Ezra 8 and learn about Courageous Dependence.

Have a warm week.

Pastor Ron

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