Sunday, March 2, 2008

Being Separate

OK. Hard stuff. Lots of questions on the way out of the building today. GREAT!

Ezra 9 presents a picture--a template--to use to help us think and act on holiness. We discussed some of the ramifications at church today. How did you feel about what was said? Do you agree with my views on the church in the United States today? Do you sense that "there's a change coming on?"

Of course, it's easy for me to point the finger. And as we've learned, just pointing a finger at someone else's sin problem does not make the pointee holy. It comes down to this: what will I do about this? How can I practice the kind of holiness Ezra practiced?

Does this mean we never draw the line? Does this mean we tolerate sin? Does this mean that we simply ignore sin for the sake of grace?

As the Apostle Paul would say, NO WAY! Instead, we should humbly deal with sin in our lives, and confront sin around us in love and extreme humility. Whenever we sense that we're erecting a tower of our own holiness, we should be concerned. "Pride goes before a fall."

While you were considering these things today, did God speak to you? Did God give you any ideas that would help you and your progress toward holiness? Any ideas on how Grace Christian Fellowship could confess to the Tri-Cities area?

Next week at GCF we look at Ezra 10. Read it this week. Please pray that God would bring together exactly the congregation he wants to attend next week.

Have a graceful week.

Pastor Ron

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