Sunday, March 9, 2008

Coming Clean

Hello all good GCF folk!

Today we had a great worship service! I think the GCF Praise Band is OUTRAGEOUS! Good job, Doug and crew!

We talked about spiritual DNA today. Let's define what we mean:

In the same way we have a physical DNA that is at the core of all we are -- the way we look, think, and emote, I don't think it's too much of a stretch to think we have a spiritual DNA that defines how we respond to God. Just like physical DNA describes our unique chemistry, so our spiritual DNA is the chemistry that is uniquely designed by God to enable us to respond to him.

Our physical DNA, marvelous as it is, was broken when the first man and woman sinned. That brokeness came from the sin and the "curse." In the same way, our spiritual DNA was broken by the fall of Adam, and our ability to relate to God has been marred. We call it our "sin nature."

Our spiritual DNA might include things like, spiritual gifts, sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, ability to understand God's word, and other things. The weaknesses in the DNA--our sin nature--make us prone to sin. The problem sins, those areas where we are weakest, are the scars from that original sin that continue to plague us.

I think churches also have a spiritual DNA. GCF has a spiritual DNA.

So, what's in your spiritual DNA? How does it function? Where is it broken?

What do you think are some of the "genes" in the DNA of Grace Christian Fellowship?

Next week at Grace: we'll tie up Ezra, celebrate Palm Sunday, and talk vision. All three things; one message! See you next Sunday.

Pastor Ron

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piedra said...

do you ever feel like your are the only one struggling to overcome your broken spiritual DNA habits? Well, you've got plenty of company. The birth defect in my DNA makes me struggle with my prayer life, laziness, selfishness, lack of faith, and other issues. Praise God that He has ingrafted Christ's DNA into us so that we can overcome our own limitations! Accountability is what helps me the most, whether it's a family member, friend, fellow church member, or Sunday school/Bible study class. When I know someone else is expecting something of me is when I tend to raise my level of obedience to the Word. I think most everyone else is the same, so you all get involved/connected in some way to a ministry or study group if you are not already! While you're at it, encourage all those in leadership. I think they are doing a great job and need to know that. Pray for them and their families.