Tuesday, April 15, 2008

ME - Trying to be funny.

I need to offer an apology. In my attempts to communicate I miscommunicated.

Sunday, after describing what Jesus did at the Temple, I said something like, "Of course, Jesus must have been sinning, since everyone knows that anger is wrong" and some other things along the same line.

I hope you know I don't believe that. It was said "tongue-in-cheek," but my tongue was not far enough into my cheek to let everyone know it was an attempt at being facetious. Here is what the Bible teaches and what I believe:

Jesus never sinned. Period.

Anger is not a sin. Period. It can be sin, but we're created in God's image to feel anger. Anger is a sin only when anger is broken.

As a child I was taught by good Christians that any expression of anger was crossing a moral line, and I've heard the same instruction given in word and action in many other settings in my life. I think the teaching that equates anger with sin (as in anger=sin) is wrong and can injure our health, our faith, and our influence. That's why I poked some attention at that erroneous teaching.

I love humor, but I know I need to be careful when I communicate so that my words are clearly understood.

Thanks for understanding.

Pastor Ron


Kaila Owczarzak said...

You are amazingly funny! I am know that I understood what you were talking about.
Just to let you know, I just can't get enough of you speaking, you are an amazing passionate pastor, perheps the most. I just want to tell you that I never know about the four levels of communications. I was doing my devo's and I talked to God in a level #1 and it felt wonderful, I felt like he was sitting right next to me. I fell much better.

I know what I know. What I know is that you are doing a great job! Have a good week!

Ron Benson said...

Thanks, Kaila. I hope your "level one" communication with God is just the first of many.