Monday, May 12, 2008

Surviving the Balancing Act

Happy Post-Mothers' Day.

The day was great at GCF, and I hope those of you who are moms, as well as those who have moms, were able to walk away with hope, security, and a desire to just hang.

Here are some questions to spur you into inaction:

1. When do you chill? Is there a moment to breath? Can you carve out time to "be still and know?" If not, what's your plan?

2. For a tight-rope walker, the weight at the end of the pole provides stability. God's nature--the fact that he's in control, and he has complete and utter power, and he cares about you--is the weight at the end of our poles as we navigate through life. How do you get the weight of his presence into your life?

3. Sometimes it's necessary to give up. The demands of our culture on women to "bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan," etc. raise the expectation level to a fever pitch, and few mothers can pull off the act. What have you had to say "no" to in order to stay on the wire?

A NOTE TO OUR GCF FRIENDS: This week I heard from a couple folks who do not attend GCF but who enjoy keeping up with what we're doing here at GraceAbility. Some even use the MP3s from the website and listen to the message before they read the post. I'd like to say a special welcome to all of you, and I'd ask that you leave a message and let us know you're out there in cyberspace with us!

Have a good week!


Anonymous said...

The rumors are true. Some non-GCF folk do indeed check your blog every once in a while. My first thought: "N.T. Wright! He must not be from around these parts."

Ron Benson said...

Thanks for checking in with us, Anonymous. I'm finishing up Wright's "Simple Faith." I think it's going on the top of my list for "soft apologetics," which is the kind I like best. If you are familiar with him, I'd love to chat with you more.

durgs101 said...

Regarding Question 1. Being "Still & Knowing" is one of the hardest things to accomplish. Many Pastor's and Christian Mentor's comment on "the secret" to being closer with Christ is to set aside time to spend with Him every day..... It is so hard to accomplish this in our fast past world that has us "tuned in" all the time.....from emails, to blackberry's(cell phones) , cable TV, little league, play practice, exercise, fishing and many others including family time not to mention most families have both spouses working full time. whew.......that is a lot of time taken up in any given day.....So the question quickly leaps to #3 what do we "give up" to be able to spend time with Christ...... When I put it this way it seems foolish to me that anything at all takes away form time with Christ. I urge us all to MAKE time for Christ daily. I for one will make the attempt for His daily enrichment.......Who's with me?????