Monday, May 19, 2008


Everyone who has ever walked with God has let go of his hand and fallen on their face.

Think of the heroes in the Old Testament: Noah, Abraham, Moses, David. All walked with God. All serve as models of faith. All took a tumble.

Yesterday we observed the reactions to people surrounding the Passion of Christ. All of them, to one degree or another, betrayed Jesus is his most dreadful hour.

These were men who had spent three years in close proximity to the Son of God, who learned from him face to face, who were priviledged to be on the inside track with the whole Kingdom program, but who, when Jesus was arrested, tortured, and savagely crucified, all ditched him. Peter even lied about ever having known Jesus.

So two thoughts come to mind. First is this: If these people could desert him at such a desperate moment, can we dare think that we are immune from the temptation to betray him?

The other question has to do with Jesus' reaction. Jesus was unable to stop Judas from making his horrible choice, and we don't know what Jesus would have done had Judas not taken his own life. But for all the other betrayers, Jesus offered forgiveness. He showed them his love. He went out of his way to help them understand his grace.

If Jesus would forgive his closest followers their act of utter betrayal, is he any less prone to grant forgiveness to those of us who are willing to recognize and repent of our own betrayals?

Think about your walk with God. Have you ever let go of his hand? Have you taken a fall? Has he revealed his grace to you? Want to share the story?

Next Sunday, we'll take a look at why Jesus had to die. Wasn't there some other way?

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