Monday, July 21, 2008

The Blues


What a great service Sunday. The band, as my wife says, was HOT! We are so blessed to have a great group of musicians under the humble and capable leadership of Doug. Thanks, guys.

Some of you asked me where I got the "Blues Primer" I used Sunday. Here's a link: Blues Primer. My special thanks to guitar teacher Stephen Compton for this hilarious bit.

Some of you also asked for the lyrics to "Evangelical Church-Going Blues," although I can't imagine why. It's the band that made that song any good! But, here are the lyrics:

Woke up this mornin, I was late for church (2X)
Woke up and realized I forgot to wash my shirt,
And now this wrinkled button down is showin all my dirt,

I got the evangelical church-goin blues. (2X)

Pulled into the parkin lot, sometin missin from my life, (2X)
Got out of the car and realized, I forgot to bring my wife,
She waitin back at home and I am gonna face some real strife,

I got the evangelical church goin blues. (2X)

Preacher at the pulpit, he got up in my face (2X)
He told me where I goin and he put me in my place
He said, “I want your InfoCard, or you are a disgrace”

I got the Grace Christian Fellowship,
Amelith Road,
Sunday Mornin,
People Lovin,
Evanglical church going (BIG FINISH!) blu—es!
Have a great week. Don't forget about our car wash push this Saturday at noon. Meet at the church!
Pastor Ron

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