Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Psalms So Far

I realize the blog had not been a regular part of the summer for me, and hence probably not for you. But I've been enjoying the series on worship, "here i am," and I'm wondering how you are feeling about it.

Here's where we've been. We've talked about worship as the intersection of God's greatness and our brokenness. We've discussed how worship amplifies God's character, and in so doing diminishes our place in the universe. Worship is a humbling experience.

Because of all this, worship needs to be honest. In fact, any other approach to worship nullifies it. In other words, if you worship in deceit, if you're trying to fool God when you're praising him, if you "put on airs" during worship, it's not worship at all. You've reduced God to someone who can be scammed, and you've covered yourself in lies, and that's not worship.

And last week we looked at emotion in worship--one of the things that Psalms are all about. Joy, happiness, contentment, peace, anger, depression, grief, frustration, and even jealousy all show up in various psalms. Talk about honesty!

Here's the thing that blows me away: God allowed all that into the manuscript. God, through the elaborate and elegant process of inspiration, shows us how honesty and vulnerability operates when we come face to face with him in worship.

Psalms are the songs and poetic content for the worship of the people of Israel, and serve as a model for our worship. So how does your own personal worship, whether in church or without, compare to what's going on in Psalms?

Let me hear what you're thinking.

Pastor Ron

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