Sunday, January 11, 2009

For Further Study

Well, C-Sunday is over. I want to thank the wise parents who made decisions about today with/for their kids -- Thanks for helping us be careful with God's word.

I'm interested in your input about today's message. As I mentioned this morning, we are prone to avoid subjects that are culturally complicated, and I'll admit to skipping over stuff like this in the past for fear of reprisals. I don't think that's good, and I don't think it's what God wants from us. I think we need to be honest with his word, and let him speak without our filters. (Not always easy). But I also want to know that we're doing it in a fair, honest, and safe way. Please let me know your thoughts.

Here are some scriptures regarding circumcision that you may want to read to look into the matter further. I've linked these scriptures to the online Bible resource I use most, Bible Gateway. (You can also do some study on your own by typing in "circumcision" or "circumcise" in the search box at BG).

Genesis 17 - Abraham given the covenant sign.
Deuteronomy 10 - Moses records God's plan for circumcision.
Jeremiah 4:4 - The circumcision of the heart.
Romans 2 - Paul diminishes physical circumcision.
Colossians 2 - Paul calls what God has done in a believer's heart "circumcision."

These three all say the same thing, with a different slant:

Next Sunday we'll be looking at Joshua 6. Get a jump on everyone else and read ahead!

Pastor Ron

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