Sunday, February 1, 2009

God is God

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Someone asked for the lyrics to the Joan Baez song, God is God. I like the words to this song except for one small part -- the bridge. The rest is good. Here's a link. You can even click to hear the song.

Have a great week. And remember, it's OK to jump.


durgs101 said...

We as a society are quick to put God in a box(or bucket). The bucket theory does breakdown in Gods understanding. The proper words to describe Him are ALLKNOWING, ALL POWERFUL. Luoie Giglio a Pastor and Christian speaker speaks passionately about how "Indescribable" God is in an awesome video, Chris Tomlin's song of the same title sheds some light on it as well. We cannot even fathom how large God is. He can't fit in anything we can imagine. By accepting Christ as our savior we have by God's grace been submerged in a Love from the Father that we will never be able to measure.

piedra said...

It is really difficult to explain or understand God fully in human terms. I guess if it was easy His ways wouldn't be higher than our ways. The more different ways you can see Him or hear about Him the easier it may be to grasp His essence. But how can we really reveal an omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, immutable, eternal, loving, holy, just, merciful, forgiving God, Lord, and Saviour to others?? By being Christlike, I suppose would be the best way. Nevertheless, when we catch just a glimpse of what He is really like, by sight, word, or feeling, it springs up such feelings of joy and comfort and wonder. Thank you, Lord.

kendra said...

We, of course, have struggled with some big "Whys" in the past year and I have to admit that I have wondered at times why God wasn't "showing" one of His attributes versus another. I am working at the seemingly eternal struggle of resting in the not knowingness of our situation. I read somewhere (40 days of purpose i think) that true obedience is following inspite of not understanding. Tall order but easier if you can be a cigarette smoking plastic action figure who truly jumps in to who and what God is, even if we can't wrap our brains around the magnitude of Him. Thanks for once again encouraging me and provoking thought.