Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ministry Muster

We had a productive Muster Sunday! Two "push" ideas have been picked up by people who will run with them this Christmas:
  • Neighborhood Caroling - Heidi Tamez will be working on this one.
  • 25 Days of Random Acts of Grace - Kaila O. has some great ideas and will head it up.
In addition, here are actions that have already been taken based on the Muster:
  • Website Traffic is now being monitored for
  • Jay Laffoon YouTube is up on
Thanks to all who attended the Muster. Thanks to Linda B., Trina S., Ann N., and others who helped with the food. Thanks to Linda B. for watching the kiddos.

1 comment:

kendra said...

Please pass along my love and thanks to Linda for occupying Caleb during the muster so we could both be there. We love this church so much and neither of us wanted to miss. Until now I never realized what a gift the nursery is in the church - it'd be hard to be involved or even attend without it.