Monday, October 19, 2009

Those Scary Flashy Gifts

Next Sunday we're taking a look at those scary flashy spiritual gifts -- the ones that show up most often in "those other churches" where the services go for hours on end, where there always  seem to be bodies laying around on the floor, and where the pastors are called preachers and wear white clothes and white shoes to go with their white hair.

Oh, the stereotypes! Stereotypes are usually earned by history and culture, so we'll talk about some of that.

But seriously - have you ever experienced a scary flashy spiritual gift? Do you actually have one? Can you tell us about it? You can do it anonymously here. Know this: your story may help someone else, so please let us in on your experiences. I'd be grateful if you did.


Anonymous said...

I have the gift of tongues. I use it most often when I cannot sleep at night. I wake, and if I cannot sleep, I get up and pray, and I pray until it seems like I'm finished. Then I am able to go to sleep. It seems like I am thinking in English, but the words that come out of my mouth are definitely not English. As far as I know, they are not part of any language that I have ever heard.

I am not sure if I have the gift of healing, but on several occasions I have layed my hands on people and prayed for them, and they have been healed. I have been the recipient of miraculous healing a few times in my life. Two of those times, the results were instantaneous. We have had more than a few instances of miraculous healings in our family.

A few times in my life, I have been able to speak a prophetic word to people. There have been a couple of times when it didn't seem right, that is I wasn't sure if it was from the Lord, but I thought that I should mention what was going through my mind anyway. I haven't always been right, but most times it was right. One message came to me in a picture in my mind. That one I delivered publicly and it was spot-on. I am not sure what the effect of the message was on the person who received it.

I do not consider these gifts flashy though. They have all been practiced very quietly, and in a way that almost nobody even knows about them.

I believe that a lot of people have these gifts, and that the Lord gives them as "grace gifts" in times of need. Perhaps many people are just not aware that the Lord is willing to use them in such ways. I also believe that I have other gifts that I have on more of a regular basis. They seem like they might be more a part of my personality than a gift that is given in a partiular moment of need.

Anonymous said...

I've never experienced the "greater gifts" consistently, but there have been instances of prophecy and healing in my life. If we count people I've been in a room with when such gifts are in play, add tongues and the interpretation of tongues. As the first Anonymous says, nothing really flashy. Just part of being a Christian. (The one clear example of a demon being cast out...that's another matter.)

Anonymous said...

One time, I was visiting with my parents and they introduced me to a women. I shook her hand and upon our touching she shrieked back and put her hands on her face and declared that God had shown her that I was going to do something very big that would impact a lot of people. She totally freaked me out. I was uncomfortable and everyone knew it, but she didn't stop going on about how excited she was to meet me. I don't know what that was about - it was all very unnerving.

I'm fairly certain that I have some administration, maybe a little teaching and the one that is commonly known as exhorter (sounds awful doesn't it???) as my spiritual gifts.

I had forgotten about this experience until now. It still troubles me. I do find these things scary - not flashing, but definitely scary.

Anonymous said...

Its really great hearing your message these past few weeks pastor.
I was actually somewhat nervous that what I was believing to be one of my spritual gifts wasn't really real. What I believed to be my gift wasn't the normal freak out and like not have control over my body. You helped me understand and helped me not to be afraid of it so much.

As a young adult I really didn't consider that I could have the gift. I thought that those gifts were for people who were older and more wiser.

Here's a story...
One of my friends was having trouble with a particular issue and it was very urgent. She needed help and it had to be quick. I prayed and out of no where I was thinking a strange thought. I told her that I don't know really way she should do it but I told her to just try it. She did and her problem was solved because of what I told her to do.

These message have really helped me. I was praying for you pastor, I believe that God was moving and putting thoughts right in your mind as you were speaking. As for me these were the best messages I have heard in a very long time.

Anonymous said...

I I I I I I that is what I am reading's not about you.

Ron Benson said...

To Anonymous "I I I I" -

Since I asked for personal experiences, it's expected that "I" would show up--there's no other way to describe what happened to you. However, your point is well taken: spiritual gifts, even the scary flashy ones, are not given to edify individuals, but the body.