Sunday, April 4, 2010

Come Awake! The Lazarus Experiment.

When Lazarus came out of the cave after being dead four days, how did his life change? Use your imagination. WWLD?

From Easter to Ascension Day (May 13), I will be doing something every day that celebrates new life in Christ. It will be something I don't normally do, or it may be doing something I do all the time but in a new way. But every day for the next forty days, I will bring something into my life that affirms and accentuates living in grace, freedom, and joy. I'm not going to give anything up, but adding something in. Call it "anti-Lent."

Join me!


Anonymous said...

So pastor what was it today?

Mine was to say good morning/good afternoon to everyone that I could while I was at class. It put a smile on almost everyone face!

Thanks for the challenge.

Ron Benson said...

First day: Walk in the grass without shoes.

Second day: sing in the shower - something I never do.

People are posting their WWLD actions on Facebook - join us, anonymous!