Friday, April 9, 2010


So, we've been thinking about Lazarus, and his post-dead reactions. I've had some very interesting discussions. I've heard some great things going on with The Lazarus Experiment, a forty-day adventure living out what we think befits someone who's come back from the dead. We've asked the question: If Lazarus had an after-resurrection bucket list (things to get done before he kicked the bucket--again), what would be on his list?

Here's another question--from the opposite direction: When Lazarus went to bed that night, before he closed his eyes, if he thought about the rest of his second life, what would he decide NOT TO DO?

Put yourself in Lazzy's shoes. Based on your through-death experience, and in light of the breath you are now taking, what would you resolve to NEVER, EVER DO AGAIN AS LONG AS YOU LIVE?

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