Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Authorities, The Crowd, and The Disciples

Hi, GCF!

Glad you're here with us.

Here are some things to think about based on today's message:

1. We talked about three disctinct groups of people that Mark refers to often in his gospel. Have you ever attended a church that seems to mirror any of the three group types?
  • Religious Authorities: This group seems to have it all together - they have a spiritual confidence that points to their strong opinion that they are God's real favorites. They professionals when it comes to religion -- doing things that make it look like they are God's VIPs.

  • Crowd: This group wants Jesus to perform for them. They want Jesus in their lives and in their towns as long as he meets their expectations and doesn't rock the boat. They want Jesus to solve all their problems and take care of the political mess their country is in.

  • Disciples: This group follows Jesus, but they are sometimes confused, sometimes fail, and sometimes lack the faith needed. But in spite of their weaknesses, they take one step after the other and make progress in their walk with God.

2. Easy question: What kind of church do you think GCF should be?

3. Harder question: What can you do to make that happen?

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Have a good week.

Pastor Ron


Doug said...

I loved your sermon.
I believe that we should focus on worshipping Christ, following Him, describing who He is and what He has done for us, and encouraging each other to grow, to serve, and to love.
However, we should not (1) make ourselves feel holy by constantly comparing our behavior to that of non-believers(like the RA's did) or (2) make ourselves feel relevant by attempting to fulfill the agendas of non-believers (the Crowd, including its political parties).

Pastor Ron said...

Thanks, Doug. Great comments. I have some thoughts on your point #2:

I think the words "feel relevant" are important. I value relevancy, but I think some churches want to feel it without actually doing it.

I also think your term "agendas" is carefully chosen. Jesus certainly had an agenda for the crowd, and he longed for them to want what he was offering enough to follow him. He said, "My yoke is easy and my burden is light."