Sunday, October 28, 2007

Where Demons Dwell


OK. Not too scary.

Today at GCF we talked about Halloween. For Christians, the issue can be a sensitive one, so before you answer these questions, please remember to be respectful of other's viewpoints. Here are a few questions about the day:

  • What do you remember from when you were a kid about Halloween?
  • Where do you draw the lines for Halloween? Are the lines different now than when you were a kid? Why?

As we discussed this morning, Satan and his henchmen are the sponsors of damage, and they plot to disrupt God's plans for humanity, as well as his plans for you. The Bible says Satan is crafty. I believe he sometimes uses tactics to distract us with minor squabbles while he stirs up big problems in other areas of our lives, like a boxer who jabs with his left hand while preparing a major assault on his opponent with his right. Think about these questions:

  • Where have you seen the evidence of Satan's damage?
  • Have you ever noticed the strategy of distraction? How did it happen?

This morning we settled on the one single thing that always sends the enemy packing: complete surrender to Christ. Like the man in the Gerasenes, we can experience dramatic victory and freedom when we allow Jesus Christ to reign in us.

  • How has Jesus broken a pattern of damage in your life?
  • Jesus encouraged the man to tell his story. What's your story?

Next Sunday we will celebrate the Communion. Our theme for the service is "THIRSTY."

Have a good week, GCF!

Pastor Ron

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