Sunday, October 7, 2007

Jogging Our Memories

Hi, gang.

Here's the first blog post for GCF and the new interactive space. This is a place to give feedback, ask questions, and access thought prompters from each Sunday message.

Today we looked at I Corinthians 11 where Paul gives instructions for celebrating The Lord's Table. Here are some questions to think about to take the message a step further:
  • What do you think the first communion was like? How would the disciples who were there react to our communion traditions?
  • What was the most meaningful communion service in which you participated? Why did it make an impression?
  • How can the celebration of The Lord's Table be more meaningful? What could you do to make the monthly observing of the communion more significant? How could you remember Jesus better?

Hope these questions help. If you come up with some interesting answers, let me know. If you have any comments or questions, I'd love to hear from you.

Pastor Ron


durgs101 said...

Thanks Pastor Ron we used your questions in our small group and studied the beginnings of the Passover Meal which lead to the Lords Supper and consequently our celebrating communion. Thanks for the direction

Marci said...

Just finally visiting the blog today, a week late...better late than never?

The most meaningful communion service I ever took was not at church, actually. It was done in a small group setting. The smaller, more personal nature of this really resonated with me, making me feel for the first time "Hey, this is what the disciples were doing." Lights dim, the formerly chatty group quiet and reflective...nothing was different mentally as far as what I knew about communion but it FELT more real.